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Casino Dealer Training 

Learn to Earn! Know what the Casinos know!

Are you looking for a new career? Have you finally decided to leave that high stress job for something fun and exciting? Have you been downsized or laid off due to an economic downturn? Are you retired or looking for new opportunities? Do you want to learn the secrets that casino dealers know?

Fun, exciting and virtually recession proof, the Casino Gaming Industry is one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industries in the United States. A certified casino dealer, with the proper training, experience and placement, has the potential to earn over $100,000 a year! And a dealer with knowledge of numerous casino games greatly enhances his or her opportunity to rise into a supervisory or executive position within a casino. Currently, there are 36 states that have legalized casino gaming and the industry is still growing. Michigan alone has 26 operational casinos. With a Certified Dealer Certificate from Casinos Wild you could be employed at any casino, or like many of our graduates, enjoy working on cruise ships and at various luxury resorts throuout the world!

Today, while many corporations are reluctantly being forced to reduce employee benefits, the booming Casino Gaming Industry is continuing to offer benefit packages which include:

  • Profit Sharing
  • Medical, Dental and Optical Insurance
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Holiday Bonuses
  • 401K Packages
  • Paid Vacations
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Promotions

Learn to Earn with our hands-on training that will enable you to master the skills needed for all casino games. All of our classes are offered days, evenings and weekends so you don't have to change your schedule! All of our instructors are seasoned, knowledgeable professionals who have worked in casinos from Las Vegas to the Motor City!

Incorporated into the contemporary studies of certified casino dealing is the examination and development of individual attitudes and behaviors that are professionally acceptable within the gaming industry. We stress the three "A's" for successful casino employment: Appearance, Attitude and Ability. Learning how to talk and deal with a variety of people, coping with frustrations, problem solving, disciplined technical skills and personal appearance are just a few of the vital ingredients that go into the makeup of a successful and professional casino dealer, and you'll master them all by enrolling in our courses!

Our classes include the rules and objects of the games, game protection, dealer relief, job interview and audition techniques. Lectures also included within our curriculum are as follows:

  • Casino Conduct - courtesy, etiquette and grooming as they pertain to the gaming industry.
  • The Gaming Industry - introduction and history of the Casino Gaming Industry.
  • Compulsive Gambling Addiction - how to recognize the problem and where to seek professional help.

Casinos wild is a certified and licensed vocational education provider through the Michigan Department of Career Development. In addition, Casinos Wild is an approved educational provider, with tuition assistance, for the following organizations:

  • Veterans Administration (VA)
  • Michigan Works Agencies (No Worker Left Behind)
  • MGM Grand Casino (Detroit)
  • SLM Corporation (Sallie Mae Student Funding)
  • State of Michigan, Dept. of Treasury Michigan Merit Award Scholarship Funding (MEAP)
  • United Steel Workers of America (USWA)
  • American Axel Manufacturing (UAW-AAM, TAP)
  • UAW Ford Hourly Members (ETAP)
  • UAW GM Hourly Members (TAP)

Casino Dealer Employment Placement Assistance

Casinos Wild offers Full and Part-Time Employment Assistance, throughout the United States, to students who have satisfactorily completed their courses. Our goal is to place every Graduate into the gaming industry. We will assist with interviews with potential employers and prepare you before hand for a successful on-site interview. We also provide you with specific recommendations on: work conditions, interviews with potential employers and potential Auditioning techniques.

Student Dealer Employment is Available

While in training, you will get opportunities to utilize your new casino dealing skills with hands-on experience at various charitable events and private parties. In return, Casinos Wild requires that the charities supply you with certificates of appreciation so that you can attach the certificates to your resume upon submission to a perspective employer.

Casinos Wild Alumni are welcome, at all times, to utilize the professional gaming equipment to practice and stay sharp with their new dealing skills. In other words, your membership with Casinos Wild NEVER expires!

At no additional cost to you, Casinos Wild offers assistance with resume preparation appropriate for entering the casino environment.

We also sell an assortment of training supplies to aid you in practicing so that you can become proficient. Practice!, Practice!, Practice! is vital for successful training and employment.

It must be understood Casino's Wild offers only placement assistance to its graduates as described above, and DOES NOT OFFER, NOR DOES IT GUARANTEE, PLACEMENT IN ANY MANNER WHAT SO EVER. We DO guarantee, however, that graduates of Casinos Wild will acquire the skills necessary to become competent certified casino dealers.

Out of Town Students: Local lists of affordable accomodations are available upon request.

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